1 Day Luxor – Hurghada 

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Hurghada, Egypt Hurghada, Luxor Tour Guide: Mohammed Gad

1 Day Luxor – Hurghada

1 Day Luxor Tour from Hurghada Nilekings Tours is about bringing you a unique, personal and educational experience in a land that is full of wonder and splendour.

Our experienced Archaeological Tour Guides have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about the history of Egypt 

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One Day Luxor City Tour – Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatsheput Temple and Colossi Memmon
You will be picked up from your hotel by your designated driver who will take you to the east bank of Luxor where you will be met by your Tour Guide.

On arriving in Luxor, you will visit Karnak Temple which is situated on the East Bank of the River Nile.

Karnak Temple is over 2000 yrs old and was previously known as Ipet sut ( “The most sacred of places”) and is dedicated to the Theban triad Am Mut and Khonsu comprising of temples, chapels, kiosks pylons and obleisks. it is one of the largest temples to have been built in Egypt (Your Tour Guide will explain in-depth about the history of the temple)

After your tour of Karnak Temple you will take a relaxing boat trip along the River Nile to the West Bank of Luxor.

For lunch, you will be taken to a local restaurant to experience and enjoy real authentic Egyptian Cuisine.

After lunch you will visit Valley of the Kings where you will be able to visit three of the tombs.

The Valley of the Kings is located on the West Bank of Luxor and is the ancient burial site of the Pharaoh’s.
Here you will be able to visit three tombs (this will be dependent on which tombs are available to view on the day). You will also have the option to visit the well-known tomb of Tutankhamun (which was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922) where he was buried, however his remains are now situated at the ,Cairo Museum (Please discuss further with your tour guide if you wish to visit).

After visiting The Valley of the Kings you will be taken to Hatshepsut Temple – Djeser Djeseru (Holy of Holiest)

Hatshepsut was known as the second female Pharaoh in Egypt and was the wife of Thutmose II and was part of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. Hatshepsut ruled from 1479 – 1458 BC.

Hatshepsut was known for establishing trade networks and embarking on a prolific programme of building, including her amazing temple.

You will then be taken by car / Mini bus to visit the statue of Colossi Memnon.

These amazing statues are of Amenhotep III. Carved into the stones alongside him are his wife Tiye and his mother Mutemwiya and the side panels depict the Nile God Hapi.

At the end of your day will be met by your driver and will be driven back to your hotel.

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